Follow the guide below to read the story in order from the Event that began it all to the coming Apocalypse that will end everything!

Atlantic Island Trilogy/ The Traveler

The story begins! Theo Essex's trip to the New Jersey shore with his friends turns into a nightmare as a strange disaster sends them to another world. Theo, Kylee, and their friends must find the strength to survive against the evil dictator Tiberius who has taken complete control of Atlantic Island!

Meanwhile, The Traveler tells the story of Dan Wells, who discovers he can travel through time. Dan's adventures will jeopardize not just his life but the whole multiverse, forcing the Multiversal Monitoring and Enforcement Agency to intervene. 

1. Atlantic Island

2. Rising Tide

3. The Traveler

4. Omega Protocol

Atlantic Island: Vacancy

1. Vacancy

2. The Forge

3. TBA

Atlantic Island: Multiverse Academy

1. The Elite

2. TBA

3. TBA

Atlantic Island: Divided

1. The Magic Book

2. The Lost Enclave

3. TBA

Atlantic Island: Guardian

1. Jaguar Warrior

2. Place of Fear

3. TBA

Atlantic Island: Mosaics

1. Fragments of Time

2. Fractures in Stars

3. TBA

Atlantic Island: Odyssey

1. Marked by Fate

2. Bound by Fate

3. TBA

Atlantic Island: Destiny

1. Genesis

2. Revelation

3. TBA


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